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Power Pallet Truck

Available series: Pedestrian Power Pallet, Platform Power Pallet, Platform Double Power Pallet, Ride-on Power Pallet and Electric Walkie End Rider

Main Features: Pedestrian, Power Pallet Truck – Standard Model

  • Automatic parking brake provide extra safety on ramp
  • Longer forks option for higher productivity
  • Programmable controller for greater versatility
  • Up to 6 km/hr travel speed
  • Ergonomically shaped rubber hand grips for ease of control


Available series: Pedestrian Stacker, Platform Stacker and Ride-on Stacker

Main Features: Pedestrian Stacker – Standard Model

  • Programmable controller for greater versatility
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Max Lift Height to 5.4 m.
  • Water resistant and sealed chassis for optimum protection against weather corrosion
  • State of the art tiller arm design with choice of performance modes

Stand-On Reach Truck

Available series: Stand-On Standard Reach Truck and Stand-On Pantograph Reach Truck

Main Features: Stand-On Standard Reach Truck

  • Wide angle view at overhead guard and mast for greater visibility
  • Large brake release pedal for comfort and safety
  • Shock reduction feature upon lowering down forks
  • AC powered truck with up to 5kw drives motors enables good acceleration
  • Intelligent suspension system provides better stability during movement
  • Minimal tools required to perform periodic maintenance

Sit-On Reach Truck

Available series: Sit-On Standard Reach Truck and Sit-on Multiway Reach Truck

Main Features: Sit-On Standard Reach Truck

  • Powerful AC technology with optional deep reach application up to 13m lift height
  • Sensitive Drive System (SDS) ensures precise and smooth driving experience
  • Industry leading cabin designed with superior ergonomic features
  • Award-winning Active Sway Control offers jerk-free and stable performance ar high lifting height
  • Choice of ECO and PRO drive modes to match different operator’s drive experience
  • Revolutionary designer Visionmast offers unrivalled forward visibility

Order Pickers

Available series: Low-Level Order Picker, Mid-Level Order Picker and High-Level order Picker

Main Features: Low-Level Order Picker

  • Auto speed reduction upon concerning
  • Unique LED lighting offers see-and-be seen safety
  • On-board diagnosis for ease of fault identification purpose
  • Enhanced productivity with 2nd level load picking model
  • Variable fork options and truck models to handle different load requirement
  • Powerful AC technology travelling up to 12 km/hr

Stand-On-AC Power Tow Truck

Main Features: Stand-On-AC Power Tow Truck

  • Powerful AC drive means high drive speed (up to 12km/hr0 and acceleration – even when loaded – plus smooth, quiet, controlled operation, extended shift length and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Maxius steering wheel offers ultimate in ergonomics, comfort and design with all operating control easily in reach.
  • Single-handed steering allows operator to turn around for a better view when maneuvering in reverse.
  • Wall-through cabin with low step height and chamfered platform edges give easy entry to spacious operator area from both sides.
  • Advanced electric steering allows precise control at all speeds, with automatic speed reduction in curves and automatic drive wheel centering.
  • Automatic speed reduction at corners improves safety.
  • Suspended drive unit ensure a com fort ride.
  • Adjustable height couplings offered increased functionality. Low centre of gravity adds further stability, for safer operation. Robust construction offers exceptional durability in all working conditions.