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Warehouse Forklifts

The most important thing in any warehouse is making sure things run smoothly. That is why having the right warehouse material handling equipment is so important. It brings increased profits through enhanced productivity and a seamless flow of products in and out of the facility.

Our exceptional standards of quality, reliability, and value are applied equally to a range of warehouse equipment that covers every handling and storage situation. We have power pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, turret trucks, multi-way reach trucks, tow trucks, etc.

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Power Pallet Truck

Available series: Pedestrian Power Pallet, Platform Power Pallet, Platform Double Power Pallet, Ride-on Power Pallet and Electric Walkie End Rider

Main Features: Pedestrian, Power Pallet Truck – Standard Model

  • Automatic parking brake provide extra safety on ramp
  • Longer forks option for higher productivity
  • Programmable controller for greater versatility
  • Up to 6 km/hr travel speed
  • Ergonomically shaped rubber hand grips for ease of control


Available series: Pedestrian Stacker, Platform Stacker and Ride-on Stacker

Main Features: Pedestrian Stacker – Standard Model

  • Programmable controller for greater versatility
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Max Lift Height to 5.4 m.
  • Water resistant and sealed chassis for optimum protection against weather corrosion
  • State of the art tiller arm design with choice of performance modes

Stand-On Reach Truck

Available series: Stand-On Standard Reach Truck and Stand-On Pantograph Reach Truck

Main Features: Stand-On Standard Reach Truck

  • Wide angle view at overhead guard and mast for greater visibility
  • Large brake release pedal for comfort and safety
  • Shock reduction feature upon lowering down forks
  • AC powered truck with up to 5kw drives motors enables good acceleration
  • Intelligent suspension system provides better stability during movement
  • Minimal tools required to perform periodic maintenance

Sit-On Reach Truck

Available series: Sit-On Standard Reach Truck and Sit-on Multiway Reach Truck

Main Features: Sit-On Standard Reach Truck

  • Powerful AC technology with optional deep reach application up to 13m lift height
  • Sensitive Drive System (SDS) ensures precise and smooth driving experience
  • Industry leading cabin designed with superior ergonomic features
  • Award-winning Active Sway Control offers jerk-free and stable performance ar high lifting height
  • Choice of ECO and PRO drive modes to match different operator’s drive experience
  • Revolutionary designer Visionmast offers unrivalled forward visibility

Order Pickers

Available series: Low-Level Order Picker, Mid-Level Order Picker and High-Level order Picker

Main Features: Low-Level Order Picker

  • Auto speed reduction upon concerning
  • Unique LED lighting offers see-and-be seen safety
  • On-board diagnosis for ease of fault identification purpose
  • Enhanced productivity with 2nd level load picking model
  • Variable fork options and truck models to handle different load requirement
  • Powerful AC technology travelling up to 12 km/hr

Stand-On-AC Power Tow Truck

Main Features: Stand-On-AC Power Tow Truck

  • Powerful AC drive means high drive speed (up to 12km/hr0 and acceleration – even when loaded – plus smooth, quiet, controlled operation, extended shift length and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Maxius steering wheel offers ultimate in ergonomics, comfort and design with all operating control easily in reach.
  • Single-handed steering allows operator to turn around for a better view when maneuvering in reverse.
  • Wall-through cabin with low step height and chamfered platform edges give easy entry to spacious operator area from both sides.
  • Advanced electric steering allows precise control at all speeds, with automatic speed reduction in curves and automatic drive wheel centering.
  • Automatic speed reduction at corners improves safety.
  • Suspended drive unit ensure a com fort ride.
  • Adjustable height couplings offered increased functionality. Low centre of gravity adds further stability, for safer operation. Robust construction offers exceptional durability in all working conditions.