Message from management

MD Message for 2020

on the 1st January 2020

 “Tenacity of Purpose”  

The New Year has come, but with more uncertainty in the global economy and geopolitics aspects, carried over 2019.

We have gone to a tough time in the last year of 2019 under its stormy global environment and the slowdown of the global economy, which affect our local economy and market.  Yet the sky ahead is not clear.

Under this circumstances, I would like to share with everyone the importance to have our mind-set reset and focus on our internal and personal development, and tune our activity shift more to the “Value of Service”.

We should revisit and reconfirm the “Purpose” of our business or our mission, which may guide us to the right path and keep us well disciplined for our business sustainability.

We need to keep the “Sense of Emergency” for the year of 2020, as well as last year due to coming market changes of “wave of digital disruption” which is now becoming more realistically engulfing the market and people with the new waves of “CASE” : Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared and Electric, and “MaaS” : Mobility as a Service, and the  5G creates a huge change in our connectivity of our life and business. The AI technology, Deep learning machines and a Quantum Mechanics may come to replace the majority of our current industry system and jobs with new ones.

So, what we should do now?

Obviously our paradigm shift is essential to cope with the new waves, by which we need to change our “pattern of thinking” and our current “habit” need to be shifting to more focus on the fundamental need and requirement on business solution of our customers.

We clarify and identify our business strength by our 4 business solution units ; such as “MHS” material handling solution, “AES” access equipment solution, “AGS” automotive garage solution, and “HLS” heavy lifting solution.

We are closely working with “UCE” (United Capital Equipment) as our assets management company and finance solution provider for “AFS”(assets finance solution) and “UES” (used equipment solution) business.

We always seek the 2 “CS”and “CX” : The 2CS are “Customer Satisfaction” and “Complain Solution”, and we provide our quality service to our customer and fix problems and headache of our customers by our proactive action and suggestion for the improvement and betterment.

The “CX” is our purpose of business; “Great Customer Experience” on our products and service, seeking the deep emotional level of engagement with our customer WOW experience and peace in mind.

We keep our positive mind-set and mental attitude all the time even under the coming uncertain circumstances by seeing any difficulty as our opportunity for our progressive business growth and sustainability.

I suggest everyone to use the Power of “3Ps” : Persistence, Perseverance and Passion for our business success with the “Tenacity of purpose”.

Wishing you all a very best Happy New Year with a great health and prosperity though the year of 2020.!


Warmest Regards,


Atsushi  Tomita

Managing Director

United Motor Works (Siam) Public Company Limited

United Capital Equipment Company Limited