Message from management

MD 2024 New Year Message :

Year of Unity :
Hello everyone and Happy New Year to all our staff members, managers and our esteemed customers and all the stakeholders.

The first year after the 75th anniversary of our company passed fast under unusual circumstances and events globally and locally.

Globally, geopolitical conflicts in Ukraine and in Israel and China vs US and its each alliance countries markets created a certain level of tensions politically and economically.

We had negative impact locally pushing the country’s economic growth slower down and the overall business costs increased resulting in our living costs up, high inflation.

We have managed our business wisely thanks to your hard work and supports from our customers and continuous changing circumstances but now are forcing us to change our mind-set with the right perception and interpretation of the market movement.

In last decade, we have gone through tough time and transformed our business models more sustainable from single product reliance to multiple products diversity which we call “Long tail business model”, and successfully achieved a certain level of our business security under this “dynamic balance”.

The situation becomes tougher forcing us to change our mind-set and we need to apply “value chain” management by our team work as “Unity”.

Our core value is “Driven by Excellence” always focusing on our product and business quality as value. Our slogan is “Engineer the value” where we are seeking the base values as key elements : (1) financial value to sustain our business, (2) culture value to retain our staff bonding and sense of belonging and (3) public value to contribute to our local community and our business stakeholders.

To enhance our corporate value for the continuous business growth, the “Unity”, not just as slogan but as actual solidity or oneness of our staff to work in a good harmony sharing our common goal, is now required.

Value Chain management :
Under the current uncertainty and confusing world, and tougher market competition, our “focus” on growth is important with flexibility to the diversity outside and our inner power of “inclusion” needs to be established internally.

Our internal business focal points always fall on “quality” and “safety” and enhance our value for our customers with the great customer experience which is our business purpose.

Now the time to review our habits, discipline and strategy for our further growth. The growth is only the evidence of our business and life. We always strive to achieve this goal.

The “value chain management” is the key for this achievement and everyone needs to share this concept as our common goal.

We are living in this business ecosystem of value chain and need to be aware of this fundamental fact, and need to tune and adjust our behavior and habits by increasing our sales and service quality and decreasing unnecessary wastes and losses.

Unity project :
This year we start our “Unity project” which is a core of the value chain management and to enhance our business corporate value where there are 11 traits behind this project : 1) oneness, 2) harmony, 3) combination, 4) trust, 5) respect, 6) confidence, 7) joy, 8) peace in mind, 9) wisdom, 10) excellence and 11) victory.

This is a kind of “asset management” which will generate the value chains from the beginning of sales to the end of the asset disposal and combination of the front sales and the after-market activities by stretching one sales asset value to optimize the value chains to share with our customers.

I strongly believe this new direction will create more values and contribute to our community and make our staff and stakeholders life better, and shall make the current negative impacts turn to positive by our strong leadership and ownership of the business and society.

Wishing all this year of 2024 be the opening of our new era and turn all the obstacles in front in the way to our growth.

With my warmest regards and best wishes for you and your family healthy, successful and happy new year!

Thank you very much.
Atsushi Tomita
Managing Director
United Motor Works (Siam) Public Company Limited.

On 1st January, 2024