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MD message for Website :

Hello everyone,

The challenging years have passed but the Covid19 pushes us to keep our life as new normal with Covid, so our patience continues with still some restrictions in life keeping mindfulness of people on the breakthrough pandemic that may come back anytime lies as fundamental threat.

Since the economy comes back in some segments of industries and some countries started opening their boarders, there are some hiccups or reactions to such instant demands which create some confusions in the market, such as crude oil price hike, global shortage of semiconductors, shortage of shipping containers, materials cost increase for factories and inflation of our living costs in foods, vegetable, fruits, almost everything.

I sincerely wish everyone get back some sense of value in life and set a new direction to this new year of Tiger as year of quantum leap. The current digital society changed our life style and everyone focus on more on DX (digital transformation). I would like to share my concern on the situation where people become easily being connected by SNS individually but at the same time, people start losing some sense of human touch, and actually this new division lies in the society where the Covid 19 has driven further and negatively contributed to this division of people, and lack of interactions.

It is a good time to reflect our life style according to the UN guideline on the SDG’s toward 2030, how we could build our society with these sustainable development goals for our next generations. For this purpose, we should be interacted and connected in our actions. This is our dilemma as business person how we could keep this balance with our business growth. We, however, see changes and new waves of technology in the market, its dynamism is now transforming in the depth of applications of life and industry.

We get used to it long time growing by “adding and inducing” for happiness and now need to change to being sustainable by “reducing and deducting” which I call “Subtraction Transformation” (SX), focusing more on quality rather than quantity as real value comes from intangibles of quality not from tangible amounts of quantity.

We are seeking our own way of business development by coping with the market changes, yet our base and basics remain unchanged as human being for our growth, in this sense, I set this new year as first year of challenging to achieve our goal by deploying the DX and SX as fundamental tools of business direction.

Hope more interactions and exchanges with many people will happen this year onward.

Wishing this year joyful and healthy for everyone and good year on creating our new better future.

Happy New Year!

Atsushi Tomita,
Managing Director
On the 1st of January, 2022.